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Top 9 Gifts for Single Ladies

Shopping for a single lady can be tough. Especially if they live on their own and are very independent. The last thing they want is another pair of fuzzy socks or a bath bomb. Let’s get serious, no one takes that many baths nowadays. I have compiled a list below of gifts I feel are not only practical but also very useful. Unlike a fruit cake, these items are also year round gifts for any occasion. Share with your friends! Happy shopping!

1. While most of us drink the entire bottle, there are a slim few that have self control. Cute wine stoppers are always a hot item. You probably can find one that depicts your loved one perfectly.

2. Everyone loves pajamas! But most people are very particular. Here are a few of my favorites. They are soft, don’t shrink and are year round appropriate! The sweats I love oversized because pants just shouldn’t be tight if you are lounging, and the shorts, I have them on right now, are super soft even after multiple washes.

3. Wine glasses are a must. But fun and pretty ones. A few plain are ok but there is something about drinking wine out of a pretty wine glass that just makes the wine taste soooo much better. Am I right?

4. The world is a crazy place. Get your loved one a self defense tool! There are multiple kinds and some states won’t allow the stun guns to be shipped from Amazon but pepper spray is able to be purchased in all states. Whatever your tool of choice, make sure you know where it is on your body and how to use it quickly. Practice with it; some people in a scary situation forget they even have it with them to use.

5. Sleeping masks are a gift from the sand man! They come in all types! Scented, weighted, Bluetooth, pick your poison! As a girl who works night shift, these babies are a life saver. A good one can provide sensory deprivation and sometimes after a long shift, that is exactly what you need in order to finally be relaxed enough to sleep. Airplanes, hotel rooms, trains, etc, all are great public places to take yours so you’re ready for sleep in any situation.

6. Infuser bottles and tea are all the craze and you’re in luck because there are so many options! I like these bottles because they are metal and in my past experience, I’ve broken every glass bottle I have ever owned. This also has a tea infuser so you can use it for tea or double win; stuff fruit or citrus in there to flavor your water! Winning! I have included tea infusers because they are just so damn cute, a cute retro tea pot and my favorite tea. I love Harvey and Sons. You don’t get that bitter aftertaste like some teas and it’s fairly inexpensive.

7. How about a practical gift? I would have loved this tool set moving into a new apartment/home or just having handy. I remember using the bottom of a large candle to nail things into a wall because I didn’t have a hammer. Yes, I know, not very smart to use a glass jar against a nail but that was because no one set me up for success with this awesome tool kit!

8. Massage tools. Oh yea. These things are an awesome gift. The neck massager heats up and can be used on sore muscles throughout the body as well or just relax with a glass of wine while you watch a movie. I included the foot massager, which I also have, and the two combined will be making you feel as good as Baby in Dirty Dancing practicing her sweet dance moves after.

9. These seem to be all the rage and from experience, they work really well! You can get this gift for a White Claw addiction, or normal cans/bottles as well! They come in fun colors and work perfect when hanging outdoors, on a boat, beach, or tailgating at your favorite sporting event.

Added bonus! Number 10- My book! Dating- What Could Go Wrong! This book is full of humor and insight on dating, online dating, serial dating. Finding out what you like, don’t like, and the many funny mishaps that take place along the way.

So there is a fun list of options to get your wheels turning on some fun gifts that can be given year round! I think most of these are practical and will be put to good use! Happy shopping!

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