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Get to Know Nicole Schumacher

Where It All Began

I was born and raised in Wisconsin! If you haven't tried squeaky cheese or a Kringle, you're missing out on what life is about! I grew up in the country where groceries and gas were a 20-minute drive away. My elementary, middle, and high school were all in one building. Graduating class was 52 people. Yikes! After school, I graduated from Carroll University majoring in Communications and Theatre. When I quickly realized I wasn't going to get a job in either of those, I joined the military as a medic. From there I became a flight medic, then a nurse, and now I'm working on my DNP license. I've been to Haiti, Virgin Islands, Saudi Arabia, and numerous states because of the military. I've worked at the VA, on a transplant team, hospice, LTAC, and float nursing. I am married to a man that is way too nice for me and we have two rescue cats, Smash Face, and Sir Charles Rupert. I have written three books so far and you can find them available for purchase on this site. Sign up for my newsletter. I will probably never get around to sending info out regularly so don't worry about getting spammed! Follow me on IG and FB! Reach out to me at If you would like me to do a book signing or appearance, email me! 

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