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9 useful gifts for yourself or someone trying to lose weight.

Great gifts for yourself or someone trying to lose weight! No one wants to directly give someone a gift related to their weight gain. There are tasteful ways to get around this while still providing a great gift!

With the holidays over and resolutions in full swing, below are some ideas for those late work holiday parties, upcoming birthdays or belated gift exchanges. Whether it’s yourself or a friend trying to lose weight this new year, these things are awesome motivators and consistency tools!

  1. A food journal. If you have read some of my other posts on weight gain, you will know that I love writing my food down everyday. It’s a way to hold me accountable and see exactly how I was feeling each day and what caused me to overeat or stay on track. This journal is great because it’s small enough to go in your purse and has all the topics I need.

2. Water bottles are always great. I have a tendency to leave them somewhere or forget something besides water was in them for an undetermined amount of time cause mold to build up and a tossed water bottle. They are getting pretty creative with them which makes people more motivated to fill them up and drink their damn water.

Love the half gallon because you only have to drink two and then you’re done for the day. The Hydro Cell is awesome for keeping liquids hot or cold. I used this in the desert on deployment and it kept my water cold all day especially if you use ice cubes. It also comes with two different tops which is nice. One with a straw type and then other a twist off big mouth top. The last one I feel like I drink more when it’s a straw type. Easier to drink from when it’s less work to get too.

3. Healthy snacks are fun to try. I like to keep something with me just in case I’m about to eat my own arm off in public and need something to quiet down the stomach. I also have little plastic reusable containers I use so nothing gets crushed in the bottom of my bag.

4. MCT oil has been very big with people on Keto. I have never done Keto but wanted to try this in my coffee. It does not have much of a taste but it does help with concentration and energy. I have heard people have had crazy diarrhea on it the first few times taking it but I did not have that issue. Definitely worth a try if you’ve been thinking about it.

5. Work out clothes can be tricky to buy for someone. I recently bought these leggings and absolutely love them. I do like my work out gear a little larger so I’m not self-conscious when doing squats and worrying if my pants will split. These shorts and leggings also have a deep pocket which is awesome for your phone.

6. Super Glide is every non-thigh gap girls dream. I use this stuff on long runs or hikes and it has never failed me. I have also forgotten to put it on before a run and at about mile six, my thighs started eating each other . And I actually broke skin from the friction. You can use this on your underarms, nipples, ankles, and any other hot spots that blisters or friction are present.

7. Resistance bands! These are great for all levels of physical fitness. I take them with me on vacation and they pack nicely. These are a nice tool for toning and are great quality. You can use the longer straps and wrap around a bed leg/frame and do a ton of different full body exercises. Great tool if you do not own gym equipment and want to get a quick workout.

8. Recipe books are everywhere. I like to keep it simple when it comes to recipes. People are more likely to use them when it’s cooking for dummies rather than Martha Stewart meets Gordan Ramsey. The Instapot one is nice because it’s barely cooking. Just dump a ingredients into the pot, close the lid, and when it’s done, you have awesome edible food!

9. Instapot. If you don’t have one, you have been missing out on a secret to life for years. This thing is magic. From hard boiled eggs to cheesecake, it seriously does it all. You can start plants in here, disinfect whatever fits inside, make vanilla extract, find the fountain of youth. Ok, maybe not the last one but the rest is true. Give it a try. You won’t be sorry.

And let’s be honest. These are great gifts for yourself as well! I’ve bought every single one in this article for myself! Much luck on your weight loss journey. Check out my other articles on losing weight if you need some inspiration.

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