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8 Great Gifts for Someone with Anxiety!

Anxiety can be a real asshole but with some tools and an anxiety remedy, we can keep it under wraps. I’ve wrote a few articles on facing anxiety and finding what works to settle your nerves once it hits. Below are a few things I use to help soften the anxiety train when it comes passing through.

  1. Essential oils and a diffuser can be a great addition to any mood. These oils provide so many options to mix and create fragrances that you love. I head to Pinterest to find different combinations. This diffuser changes colors and can be very relaxing when the lights are off and provide ambiance in any room.

2. Journaling is very therapeutic. I love to write down what is going on or worrying me. I feel like after I write, it’s a weight lifted off my shoulders; now it’s the journals problem because I wrote it there. So many different options out there but I’ve always loved Da Vinci and spiral bound journals hold up to the test of time versus the bound spines that the pages often fall out of. I also like the band that can hold things inside. I like to add pictures, mementos, and other various things to the entries.

3. Surprisingly, a weighted blanket feels like an unstoppable shield. It’s very comfortable and with the extra weight, contains body heat very effectively. I like wearing less constricting clothing which helps me from over heating and having to remove clothing in the middle of the night. Then causing me to have to fall asleep all over again.

4. This this is awesome. Not only is it a face mask. It’s weighted and you can make it hot or cold. The cold comes in handy when you’re sick, hung over, puffy, have a headache. It’s machine washable and super soft! Add a few drops of essential oil on it and this makes for a quick anxiety remedy in a pinch and at any hour of the day!

5. I knew someone that would use his phone all night with a YouTube video that played nonstop sound machines. I bought him a sound machine so he didn’t have to use his phone battery. This is small enough and has a timer to suit any background noise needed. Sometimes a great anxiety remedy is to simply put on a nature sound and get lost in your happy place. Also, great for travel!

6. There have been studies that salt lamps purify the air. I don’t know how true it is but I think it’s very relaxing and calming. and has. I have one and love it in the dark. And yes, I’ve licked mine to make sure it was legit salt.

7. These are both awesome. The heat helps the stubborn knots and provides an environment for complete relaxation. The multiple modes help you figure out what you like and what works.

8. Call me an old lady but all of these things make me happy. There is just something about a warm cup of tea that makes everything better. Especially, when anxiety is rearing it’s ugly head. With so many options, there is some tea out there that you will enjoy! I love peppermint tea and this kind in particular leaves no bitter or artificial aftertaste. The cup and tea infuser allows you to brew loose tea or use any tea bag. The kettle is pretty and I find very mesmerizing when it starts to boil water and you can see through it.

Let me know what helps you relax in the comments! Play around and find out what anxiety remedy works for you! Subscribe to my email list below for more awesome posts! [mailerlite_form form_id=1]

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