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I’m not having kids so stop asking.

I’m not having kids and would like for people to stop asking why not. Lately, it has become ‘popular’ to not have children or wait until you are older and more secure in life to bring another life into this shit can of a world. But some people just do not want children in general. Regardless of the situation.

I’ve read blogs on why you shouldn’t ask if a couple is having kids because maybe they have been trying and can’t. Or maybe they just miscarried, or whatever the situation is.

Here’s mine. I never wanted kids and took the correct precautions throughout my life in order to achieve that goal.

I hear so many people say shit like, “You would be a great mom, the world needs someone smart like you and your husband to have kids. You will get lonely when you are old. Or my favorite, who will take care of you when you can’t?”

Here’s an idea. How about no one? What if I had kids and my entire family died in a rollercoaster accident? Then what? Start over and make new kids? Why do I need to commit to a lifetime of raising a child in order to have someone who will take care of me when I’m old? That’s just ridiculous.

This idea that having kids somehow completes a person is fucking garbage. Sure, they change your life and ‘are the greatest thing to ever happen’ to some people. But it’s not for everyone. And the world should be damn lucky the people that don’t want kids, aren’t having them.

Why would you want someone who does not want a child to have a child? How about a round of applause for the people that recognize children are not their thing? We all know someone who had children that is a terrible parent. Maybe they should have had a ‘come to Jesus moment’ as well.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my niece. I love babysitting, spoiling her, pulling a muscle trying to spin her around. And I also love knowing my sister will be back to officially take over once I’ve reached my kid limit for the day.

And that works for me.

So the next time you want to start ragging on people about having kids, maybe go have a few more of your own if you are so concerned there are not enough kids in the world.

Leave us childless people alone to drink our wine, vacation in peace and secretly talk trash when you ruin our dinner by bringing your screaming children out to eat with you. ‘


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