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7 things I hate dealing with at the gym

Going to the gym is a love hate relationship. You feel great after but getting there and then dealing with idiots is sometimes not worth it. Maybe you have dealt with the people below or maybe you are one. Either way, we can all relate to morons and inconsiderate assholes at the gym.

  1. You ever hate going to the gym because you feel like people are staring? I am way too self-conscious and mostly annoyed to last very long in the ‘meat head weight lifting” area. I can’t handle how men consistently stare at you when you are trying to work out. It’s like you just stole a candy bar at a convenience store and they are the owner who saw you and follows you around. They lack the ability to just glance quickly and divert their eyes to somewhere else. It’s usually a long creeptastic look that makes you want to run for the parking lot.

  2. I also hate when there is a row of treadmills and some douche canoe has to choose the one right next to you. Ummm, hello! There are five on each side of me that are empty. Go the fuck away! It’s not just creepy dudes that do this either. It’s women of all ages. Some people lack social norms and unspoken distance bubbles.

  3. Girls with full faces of makeup and belly shirts. Clearly, you did not come to the gym to sweat otherwise you wouldn’t have spent more time putting makeup on your face than actually working out. Not to mention, if you do sweat, all that nasty foundation and powder is going right into your pores causing even worse skin issues for you. Which is probably the reason you are wearing so much makeup to begin with. Or working out with your hair curled and down? Get the fuck out of here with that. And the matching outfits and belly shirts. Why has this become a thing? Is your workout better now because your stomach is showing? Do we have to sexualize everything? It’s just sad. The gym is somewhere I go to sweat and look like a homeless person. Not leave, looking the same as when I came in.

  4. People that don’t wipe down their equipment. As a fellow germ freak, this is just disgusting. Especially, if you are a sweaty mess. Get a fricken sanitizer wipe and clean your shit off. I’ve lost so much faith in people I actually clean the machine before and after I used it because no one cleans their shit these days.

  5. People in the sauna listening to music way too fucking loud. I go into the sauna at the end of the workout to relax. Not listen to your shit ass music play through your headphones. It should be a law that you can’t play music while inside a public sauna. It ruins any sort of relaxation that was trying to be achieved.

  6. The people that make noises. Why? Why do you need to make obnoxious noises when lifting weights? You can still lift the weight silently I promise. These people are more distracting and annoying than they are funny.

  7. People sitting on their phones in the locker rooms or on equipment. This one is probably my number one. I fucking hate when people waste my time because they are sitting on their phones. What did people do at the gym before phones? Oh, probably paid attention to their surroundings. And let’s face it, these people are scrolling social media. Not donating money to charities in between sets. Get the fuck off your phone and pay attention.

I’m sure there are plenty more things people do to annoy those around them. These are the few I see happen at the gym daily. Stay strong and call people out on their bullshit! For awesome gifts for yourself or someone looking to lose weight, check out this article!

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