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Caroline has been searching for something her entire life. She has changed jobs, cities, and friends, but still is missing a piece to her puzzle. The pseudo love of her life, Tim, has his own agenda and as years of waiting go by, she realizes his plans are very different from hers. This leads her to chase another dream, the military.


When the timing in her life seems like things could not get much worse, she raises her right hand and enlists in the US Army. Caroline leaves behind everything and meets Hudson, a handsome police officer from across the country. He is successful, charming, and charismatic.


As most relationships, things start off amazing, but as time goes on, strange happenings, stories, and instances begin. Events do not add up, timelines are wrong, and acts of heroism seem to have been subjective. Caroline begins searching for clues to piece the past together; people within their circle that do not seem to fit and Hudson’s strange behavior. As details start to surface, Caroline starts to realize that maybe these missing parts were something she was never supposed to find.


A Fine Line

SKU: 979-888589238-4
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