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Weight gain and how it affects your life everyday.

Weight gain affects our lives everyday. One day you are a size two and then the next, you wake up, barely fit into size 16 and choose leggings because they don’t judge you or show off your muffin top. Leggings embrace our cellulite ass and pot hole thighs. What happened to our control?

But seriously, where did we go wrong? How did we gain so much weight and fall off the wagon? For me, I made excuses. Well life happened, started working nights, got married, had a loss in the family. I moved out of state, went back to school, had a rocky year of marriage, had kids, got a new goldfish, got a garage and didn’t have to walk as far. Shitty excuses as to why we allowed ourselves to give up and not care.

And what does this turn into? For me, it turns into taking everything out on my family. When it’s time to take pictures, be in a swim suit or buy a dress for an event. I ruin a lot of situations for those around me by being an asshole because I’m pissed at myself for eating my face off and now I can’t fit into anything I own. (And if I do fit, it’s usually a maxi dress that can hide my rolls.)

A lot of you have heard me sing her praises but I started listening to this podcast, Losing 100 pounds with Corinne Crabtree. And she is brilliant. You don’t have to lose 100 pounds to listen to her. Her wisdom works with any goal. She is a southern belle from Nashville with the best accent and trucker mouth around. She shuts your weight loss excuses down faster than Hillary’s email hard drive and her weight loss tips are simple. I one hundred percent suggest you go to her podcast and start at the beginning. Once you listen to the first 50-ish, you can pick and choose the podcasts that resonate most with you. The first 50 really hammer into what you need to do to dig deep into your soul and find out why you eat the way you do.

She focuses on soul searching which is brilliant in weight loss. A lot of us grew up with the mentality that you couldn’t leave the table until everything was off your plate. Or some people are huge emotional eaters, bored eaters, missing something from their lives eaters. And eat to fill that gap.

I realized I’m a huge bored eater. I’m also lonely in some aspects of my life which I use as an excuse to eat and drink alcohol. Which only makes me feel worse and the cycle continues.

I reached the heaviest I have ever been this year and I was in such denial about buying new pants. I couldn’t even put my hand in my pocket to turn it from being inside out or button any of my pants. They were also so far up my crotch that is was physically painful to sit down. So I just stopped wearing jeans. I stuck with leggings and dresses to hide my misery.

Of course we took family pictures this year and I wore a dark dress to hide my fat. Then got the pictures back and realized my flabby arm fat was left out for the world to see.

You know what I did with that picture? I made it my phone background so I had motivation everyday to remind me what healthy foods I was going to eat that day.

Corinne also said something in one of her podcasts that has stuck with me every single day. It was something like, ‘no matter how good something is, it’s not worth how you are going to feel after.’ That thought alone has saved me from sabotaging myself more times than not.

I still indulge and enjoy it to the max. But I try and realize why I’m eating before I do it. Am I bored or am I actually physically hungry? If I’m not physically hungry, I don’t eat. If I’m bored and need something to do, I’ll occupy myself, usually clean something. Or I’ve found a love for tea which help curb cravings. Find out what works for you and stick with it when times get hard. You will ALWAYS be proud of yourself for overcoming the urge to eat garbage when your body does not eat it.

Give Corinne a listen and see if it works for you. If anything, the mental side of losing weight that she teaches, and for free on her podcast, is worth your weight in gold. (And if you’re reading this, that’s probably a lot of gold right now.)

Do something for yourself today that your tomorrow self will be thankful for. Every day adds up and don’t get discouraged when the scale isn’t moving how you thought it would. For me, my pants actually fit and I could get my hands in my pockets comfortably. I wasn’t trying to squeeze in there with lube and a wrong vault code like I was before.

Weight loss is really a lifestyle. Once you commit and start seeing results, you find what works for you so you are able to continue that path for the rest of your life.

You can start right now or you can continue to wait and be that much farther behind. I hate when people say, “I’m going to start on Monday.” Why? Why don’t you start making better choices literally right now? Even if it’s just stopping the bored eating or late-night snacking, it is a better choice today than yesterday.

I’m down 18 pounds in 3.5 months and I didn’t weight myself for the first month and half. When I did, I was down 12 pounds and it really solidified what I was doing was working. If I had checked the scale every day, it would have been painful for me to see the numbers creep down. I would like to lose 12 more and I’m not putting a time frame on it. I’m just going to take my time and make sure I get there.

Whatever your weakness is, I hope you find strength to recognize it and move forward with a clearer vision of what needs to be done to hit your goal. [mailerlite_form form_id=1]

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