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Gray hair, getting older, and learning to embrace it.

It sneaks up on you when you least expect it, gray hair. We pluck the first few we see until we have so many we can’t keep plucking and then we start dying our hair. Maybe we always stick with box dye. Maybe we go to a professional. Either way, once it’s started, it’s an endless cycle until we have accepted our gray hair fate and just let it grow.

I have two thoughts on this. I see so many women posting to social media about how they are ‘going to let their gray hair shine’ and they ‘will never color it again.’ Damn society and damn what other people tell them to do. Right?

While I support their thought process, I do not agree. I’m not ready to go gray yet. I love myself more after my grays are covered and my hair is all one color. I have more self-confidence because to me, I don’t think gray hair is attractive and I would like to at all costs, cover them until the last final moment of my life. Unless of course you are Richard Gere. That man just keeps looking better and better as he ages.

Anyway, let’s keep going.

I’m also sick of hearing people tell me to, “just grow it out” or “gray hair is hot.” Cool dude. Then let your gray hair grow. I’m going to keep hiding mine. I started getting gray hair at 23 so for over 10 years, I’ve been dealing with something most people don’t have until their 30’s. Thanks mom.

Aging has become more ‘ok’ in the public the last few years. People are starting to accept it. Gray hair is in. You see 80 year old’s running marathons and power lifting. Aging is becoming more popular. Which I guess is good for everyone. Because hopefully, we will all get there. And my wish for you is that your gray hair comes in a silky perfect white that we see and admire on so many older people.

I understand gray hair is a symbol of experience and age. I should be proud of it and embrace the change. While I do appreciate every day I am given, I do not have to open my arms to things that occur as we age. I can still fully live life and not be content with how we slowly lose our ability to do everything.

I am not ready to keep aging. I’m content staying in my 30’s forever. The older we get, the more we realize how fast time goes and how many years we have left. It’s terrifying. And we all hope for a late death that we are not guaranteed.

So to the ladies out there shouting your grays from the rooftops, keep showing those babies off. I’m going to applaud you from the salon as I hide my aging process as long as I can.

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