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Dating – What Could Go Wrong? A Novel/Comedy

Dating- What Could go Wrong is the second book I published. The first being A Fine Line. This book started because for a long time I serial dated. I was on multiple dating apps and sites looking for Mr. Right. Of course, at least for me, it did not happen. But I did have some ridiculous, funny, and memorable stories occur due to me surrounding myself with people from various backgrounds and the lovely joys of never really knowing someone via an internet app.

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The book also talks about multiple dating/relationship/self-help books that I found to be beneficial in my search for a relationship, life questions and the humility that comes in finding those things.

I started taking a deep dive into some of the issues I’ve had in past relationships and why I had them and what could be done to prevent those in the future. When I really dove into the center of where my insecurities, past, and mindset has come from, I started understanding why I had the reoccurring issues within multiple relationships and how I was going to fix it moving forward.

When we are younger we are so quick to judge everyone else and blame them for the issue. But if we take a look back and why we feel that way and where those feelings are coming from, we really get a look into issues that have maybe become issues for no reason other than we never took the time to dissect and figure out their origin.

I have included a few books that helped open my eyes to things I might never have noticed. I encourage anyone at any stage of their life to read a self-help, relationship book that flows with their interests.

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