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5 Reasons Why You Should Read This Blog

Howdy! I’m so excited you are here! If you read my first few posts, you know I wanted to start this blog to help people realize they are not alone in the world of unconventional topics and discussions that make people uncomfortable.

I wanted to give you a background of myself and why I think me and you will be a good fit in the world of reading and all the possible blogs you could pick from.

So here goes…

1. I have led a pretty broad and crazy life. I had such a ridiculous story happen to me. I up and left my life to be with someone who lived across the country only for it to turn into a complete mind fuck and disaster…so I wrote a book about it. Click to get it!

2. Having worked since I was 12, started out as a babysitter, and yes, my mom made me get my Red Cross certificate complete with binder on ‘how to’ babysit children, I know what working your ass off just to have 12 bucks left for two weeks feels like. For years. Struggling and I are on a first name basis.

3. Unfortunately, I was not a kid who had college paid for me. I hate you if you did. Just kidding. I am completely jealous. And I didn’t come from a background where anyone knew anything about college. So I applied a few places, picked the one with the prettiest campus, and of course the most expensive, and took out loans until I finished. Debt. But I was going to get a great paying job and be able to make the $800 a month payments no problem right? The year I graduated, the recession hit. So here I am, 12 years after college, and I am still making payments with really no end in sight. Sigh. But, I know what it means to work hard, and do it yourself.

4. My dating life has been…interesting. For a while I was what my friends would call a serial dater. I just couldn’t find what I was looking for but I guess I was having a good time looking. Along the way, as you can imagine, people never cease to amaze you and my funny and embarrassing stories started to pile up. So I decided to write a book about that too. If you need dating advice, I got you. Find it here!

5. Loss and heartbreak. Losing people and animals in your life is one of the greatest sadness a human can ever feel. Loss comes in all forms, losing a loved one, a job, house, a goal. Life has a way of tearing you down just when you think you hit rock bottom. And I’ve been there for all the above mentioned. 20/20 is hindsight we have all heard. But how do get over it and move forward? How do we stop blaming ourselves still years down the road? Don’t worry, I’m going to write about mine.

So there you have it. A few areas I feel most people have some experience in and wouldn’t mind another perspective, thought process, or permission to feel a certain way.

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