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23 things you didn’t know you needed to help you relax.

Seeing 2020 can suck it, here is a list of awesome things from Amazon that you never knew you needed to help you relax. These items are calming, practical and are great gifts year round. I think practical and efficient gifts are always nicer over another coffee mug or candle.

Let’s get started.

  1. 1. These bracelets are awesome gifts. You can add any oils you love and wear it all day! Some oils like peppermint can help reduce nausea and lavender can help you sleep or relax. Whatever combination works for you, take it with you with this bracelet.

2. Not only does this baby massage, it heats up. You can attach it to your work chair or use it after a long day on the couch. Provides instant relaxation and now you don’t need to ask your significant other for the crappy massage they give you for two minutes and then get side tracked watching tv.

3. Every girls motivation as they are driving home from work. These are cute, the high waste band makes for a comfier fit and wide leg gives more room for lounging. Comes in different colors and a great price point.

4. I work night shift and think sleep masks are a gift from the Sand Man. If you like listening to music to relax, these are awesome and super cheap! Also great if you are into meditation!

5. Bath salts have come a long way from when they first came out. I remember you would put them in the bath and they would not even dissolve. Then you are moving them around so you don’t sit on sharp edges. I love this brand and the fragrance. And don’t worry, they dissolve.

6. Perfect for a bedroom, I love the gentle scent a diffuser provides. I also like finding different concoctions on Pinterest and trying out new variations. This diffuser is a more ‘elegant’ look, and can fit in with any décor!

7. These are great for a holistic method to various aches and pains. Great reviews and can help relieve tension in harder to reach areas of the body.

8. I bought these for myself and my dog. It’s such a simple device but is such a weird feeling on your head. It’s like sensory overload on your head and after a while it’s just such a relaxing feeling. My dog loved his too

9. If you like to do your own nails, this are a must. It heats up, massages, and is great for nail maintenance before a pedicure. I’m all about saving money and doing my own nails and this is a solid device that helps you soften your feet before your hack the cuticles and dead skin away.

10. A few spritz of this and it freshens up your bedding and helps you relax enough to sleep.

11. Love the high waist band, pocket and compression. These are a great thickness that no underwear or skin shows through. I use these for bike rides because of the compression and I can put my pepper spray in the pocket…just in case.

12. A great relaxing bathrobe. Nothing feels better than putting on a plush comfy bathrobe on straight out of the shower. Unless of course, you take it out of the dryer after. These come in different sizes and have great reviews.

13. An electric kettle is nice for so many things. Not only does it heat up faster than a tea kettle, it holds a 1.7 L of water and is great for making instant ramen, mac and cheese, sanitizing things, pour over and French Press coffee. Possibilities are endless. And it just looks cool.

14. Tea, to go with the above kettle. This is one of my favs. It’s not bitter and comes in a pretty box. Perfect presentation for a gift idea or a tea party.


Lavender shampoo/conditioner can be great for helping you de-stress and sleep. And the pump tops are always nice for easier access.

16. Aloe infused socks. Makes your feet feel soft, relaxed, and the bottoms have the rubber stickies to help with unnecessary trips and slips.

17. I love a good ‘slip-on’ slipper. These are memory foam, have a great bottom if you need to go outside and lots of warm, soft material.

18. I never knew I needed an insulated water bottle until I deployed to the middle east and realized how hot my water got in a non-insulated bottle. This got me through and kept my water cool. Add ice and it makes it even colder. I also love the two different types of tops depending on your preference.

19. During those dry months, climates, a good body scrub can really help liven up your skin. I do a scrub maybe twice a week depending and love the way it feels after. You can also use this on your face as well for another added perk.

20. Nothing like reading a good book while in the tub or relaxing with your neck massager. You can read all about my book here but it’s a great read that includes comedy, action, romance, drama, and heartbreak. Really your one stop shop.

21. If you need to laugh during an entire book, this is it. For $3 bucks, you can’t go wrong. This book is a collection of dating stories told by yours truly. It’s 16 years of online, serial, blind, and any other kind of dating stories compiled into one book with comedic relief and a side of realism.

22. I never knew I needed these until I went on deployment and my bunk mate had them. I slept in tight ass compression sports bras until I tried these and I’ll just never go back. Not sure how I never knew sleeping bras existed. They certainly won’t hold the ladies down if you are running to the fridge but they provide enough support so you aren’t knocking yourself out but are soft and light enough to be comfortable to sleep in.

23. If these are not the funniest wine glasses ever, I don’t want to be right. Red wine drinkers, this is our time to shine! Great gift or hell, buy a set for yourself.

So there’s my awesome list. Perfect for year round gift ideas for any occasion. Also, it’s all on Amazon so you can ship it right to their house if that is easier! Happy shopping for your loved ones. Or for yourself. We don’t judge here. [mailerlite_form form_id=1]

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