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10 gift ideas for kids that are not toys!

Check out these 10 gift ideas for kids that are not toys. It can be hard to shop for kids especially ones that have everything. Here are a few things that won’t be used for 20 minutes and then tossed to the corner.

  1. 1. An art desk. How many kids have 29384857382 crayons, markers, stamps, stickers, etc. and no where to contain it all? Not only can they learn to clean up their belongings in this desk, they are contained to one spot while they make their masterpieces that you so proudly hang on the fridge.

2. How about a pass or gift certificate to a trampoline park or a bounce house? This provides children with lots of exercise and a chance to interact with other children.

3. Trampolines are a great way to get outside and have fun. These are also great entertainment devices when your friends bring their kids over. Now they come with netting around them so you don’t fly to the moon when someone else is jumping with you.

4. A telescope! Get kids interested in finding constellations, planets, shooting stars and whatever else outer space holds. Also, great for adults and very relaxing!

5. Science kits can get kids interested in all kinds of experiments and maybe take a liking more during science class. Easy tricks and fun for everyone involved!

6. Classes! How about a dance class, horseback riding, music, dancing, karate? There are a ton of options available depending on your childs interests!


Pottery making kits can bring out the artsy side of kids and can keep them entertained. Probably better for older children but you decide what your kid is capable of.

8. What about a vanity for all their make-up and jewelry they keep collecting and refuse to throw out??? This options can work as a desk as well!

9. Crafts are fun at any age. While there is a million and one pieces you can step on in the night, it can keep your child’s creativity flowing. Here are a few options!

10. Volunteer! A lot of humane society’s have programs that kids can read to animals that have not been adopted yet. Nursing homes allow kids to come and read, play cards, work on puzzles, or just sit and talk. I think it’s important to educate children on a world that doesn’t look like theirs and the different types of people that might be less fortunate than them.

Hope this helps find some awesome gift ideas that will educate kids and expand their minds. These gifts are awesome year round for any occasion!

For additional gift ideas for women, check out this link and this one!

Happy shopping! May your shopping be stress free and a glass of wine waiting for you when you are done. [mailerlite_form form_id=1]

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